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First, thank you for the interest and enthusiasm. Now, before you hit submit on the form below, we will do our best to scare you away from such a notion. Running a SAW’s is not for the faint of heart or weak of spine. To be clear, if you are looking for pre-fab business in a box – one that you put cash in at the top and sit back and watch as it spits out more cash from the bottom – this is not for you.

The restaurant business is hard work, and SAW’s even more so. While we have processes, tools, and procedures, we do not have short-cuts. What makes a SAW’s work is work. More than a commitment of time and money, being a SAW’s partner is a commitment of heart and soul. While a lot of franchisors are happy to take your money. We are looking for people we can take in. People we can grow and grow with. People who share our values, vision, and passion for serving up a great time.


Get past the money. First and foremost we want our franchisees to be successful. While every new restaurant looks like a sure thing at the starting line, fact is, the race to greatness can be unpredictable. Nothing makes for misery like financial stress, and and being cash strapped rarely makes for good decision making. Our financial team will vet your franchisees for the financial strength, not only to get up and running, but to also out run bad economic weather, and run after market potential.

Get past the experience. Again your success is our concern, so we do our best to screen for restaurant readiness. Do you have the chops to bring our recipes to life? Do you have the passion to learn as you lead? The SAW’s recipes are a science, but delivering the SAW’s experience is an art. We’re looking for artists.


Now you have to get past the team. Financial strength and restaurant readiness is just the beginning. If you check those boxes, it’s time for a sit down with the Sorry Ass franchise team. Convince us that you have the burning passion to spread the love that is smoked into the bones of every SAW’s, and you’re in.


Owner/Operators starting a new location from scratch will require a minimum start-up investment between $500,000 to $1 million, and access to available liquid working capital of $75,000 to $100,000 for the first 3 months after opening date. Additionally, owner/operators will have to pass SAW’s brand, culture, and restaurant readiness reviews, and complete 3 months to 1 year of training at an approved SAW’s training joint

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